Hey guys, well as you can tell I haven’t written on local music in a while but that was before Kibz, Riccobeatz and Izzy Dash released this major banger, ”KIMBIZA”. Incorporating the “kapuka” sound, which appeals to the core demographic of the country, this song is perrrrrrfect for the club. I mean with its up-tempo and  percussive beats, it is literally just begging you to get you off your seat and dance.


The lyrics are predominantly in Swahili, and “sheng” and their content mainly revolves around how men persistently pursue women hence the title “Kimbiza”(which means ‘chase’). So basically this is an anthem for anyone who claims to be a part of “Team Mafisi” lol, you know yourselves. The verses are so entertaining with the funny ad-libs and extremely candid lyrics whilst the chorus is incredibly catchy making energy of the song is indisputably infectious even to those who aren’t fans of the genre.

This is a new style for Kibz, whom I previously featured on the blog as a hip hop/trap artist, but his ability to experiment with different sounds has proven his versatility.  Although ‘Kapuka’ is a sub genre of Kenyan hip hop, it isn’t easy to venture into a new sound much less completely NAIL IT in process! I also want to shout out to Riccobeatz who also produced the song so impeccably and Izzy Dash who slayed that last verse. Will be looking out to hear more from you guys in the future.

What I love most about the song, though, is that instead of reproducing a westernized sound like many rappers in Kenya these days, these guys actually care about making genuine Kenyan music that appeals to the wide Kenyan audience. It’s always great to see people stay true to themselves. If some radio stations don’t pick up on this they will be losing, this song speaks for itself and in my opinion it has the makings of a commercial local hit.

So go listen to “KIMBIZA” guys . If you haven’t already heard it on the radio then you should probably listen to it here.

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