Album Review: Lupe Fiasco- Tetsuo and Youth

EVERYONE KNOWS I LOVE LUPE TO DEATH ! From the “About” section of this blog,  you can see the impact that Lupe Fiasco has had on my life, and my love for music particularly hip hop, as well as blogging. He’s basically the reason why I even started doing this, the reason why this blog exists. So bear with me if I can’t find words to  describe this album as well as I’d love to.(I’M STILL DIGESTING ITS AMAZINGNESS). I honestly find it hard to fathom that Lupe outdid himself yet again and released another priceless work of art which may only be fully appreciated by the world ten years from now.

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Artist Spotlight: MOTHXR

Hi everyone!!

I’ve been busy, you know, studying, eating, sleeping, and spending long hours on the internet searching for new music to sink my teeth into. There’s a lot of that. So many up coming bands, rappers, singers, there’s such an array to choose from. But a few weeks ago as I rummaged through youtube I came across a band called Mothxr, pronounced as Mother, and I can’t stop listening to them.

Mothxr , the Brooklyn based band formed in 2013, have a blend of indie rock and electronica that I still can’t seem to fathom. But who cares, it sounds really really good.

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Okay okay I know I’m kind of late on this review but a lot has been going on so yah that’s my lame excuse aside from the fact that I actually wanted to take my time with this one.  But at least I finally got it done yeah?

PS: I might be getting a website next year but I’m like so sad bc I’ve been blogging on blogger since I was like 13. *sigh* Anyway, it’s all good. I’m excited for 2015, are you?

So back to business!


J.Cole is on my favorite rappers list so I expected a lot from him especially after Born Sinner set the bar so high.People have already labelled 2014 Forest Hills Drive “The Album Of The Year” , others claim that it’s J.Cole’s “Best album yet.” But what is this album really about? I read somewhere today that this album was the top selling in America this week, that really sends a strong message to other players in this hip hop game especially because J.Cole was strict about dropping the album with little promotional work. A very bold decision.

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E.P Review: Sinead Harnett – NOW

Everyone who’s added me on snapchat probably knows what I’m gonna blog about before I actually do it because I always post snaps of the music I’m avidly listening to at the time. For the past 3 months, and more religiously this last few weeks, I fell in love with British singer-songwriter, Sinead Harnett.

I think I’ve said it before on here that there’s nothing I love more than discovering new artists who are actually really talented and I always make it a duty of my own to make sure I give them as much exposure as I can because I feel like everyone else needs to hear their brilliance.

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Yes people, the wait is finally over, Logic’s album is finally out! It’s been a long and painful wait for avid listeners like me, who have watched his career flourish from the beginning. I’m all about that breath of fresh air and from the day I listened to his first mixtape “Young, Broke and Infamous” I knew that he was going to take over the world of rap by storm one day. Ultimately I fell in love with his incredible lyrical ability and non-stop flow.

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Album Review: Sam Smith- IN THE LONELY HOUR

You might know him as the British lad that lent his soulful vocals to Disclosure’s hit song “Latch.” He’s the rising R & B star that’s taking the world by storm with his sincere and heartfelt music. He later appeared in Naughty Boy’s smash hit “La La” before ambushing us with “In the Lonely Hour” , his debut album, which is supposedly a love letter to a man who never returned Sam’s feelings. Yes, he’s gay.

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