Album Review: Tyler The Creator -CHERRY BOMB

Holy Moses! I have immersed myself in this album for a while now(hence the late review) and I’ve been doing my best to wrap my head around it’s dynamic, noisy, but incredibly groovy sound. This album is madness, and I mean that literally. Cherry Bomb is the perfect title for it since it could bless your ears but it might as well damage them . I love Tyler,  I really wanna be his friend lol .He’s proven once again  that he doesn’t want to be a part of the crowd. Cherry Bomb, is creatively and musically in its own lane. You can hear influences here and there but as a whole it sounds pretty different from anything else out this year.



It begins with the song “DEATH CAMP” which immediately struck me as sounding very N.E.RD-ish. I almost thought that I was listening to the wrong album. It goes without saying that the influence of Pharrell and the Neptunes is huge in this album, or Tyler’s music in general. But he breaks apart with songs like “PILOT” and “CHERRY BOMB” which are in actuality so noisy that Tyler’s voice is muffled up underneath the aggressive drum-filled beats. Many people complained that maybe the mixing was done badly but I get the feeling that Tyler kind of didn’t want us to hear what he was saying lol. It’s like you could literally snort coke and go ‘moshing’ to some of these songs woah!

“FIND YOUR WINGS” comes in contrast to many of the songs on the album with its jazzy, smooth and relaxing chord progressions. It’s a dance of instruments combined together; The result is a beautiful rap-less ballad. Tyler claims that the main theme of the album is to inspire his fans to “find their wings” and what a wonderful way to put it. “FVCKING YOUNG/PERFECT” sounds similar to this, and I love both songs.

Now as much as I’m a fan of experimentation, the shifts in this album are way too many. It’s both exciting and frustrating. The beats in one song can abruptly change up to three times. In some of the songs I literally only listen to one part and move on when it’s over because of all the damn transitions. I don’t really get what “BUFFALO” is about, but it’s the typical chaos you expect from Tyler with his obscene lyrics and interesting mix of trappy beats and synths.

While “SMUCKERS” might be everyone’s favorite from the album as it features Kanye West and Lil Wayne, my personal favorite is actually the six-minute  “2 SEATER”. It’s pretty unfocused but I’m just IN LOVE with how it starts, it’s a perfect blend of relaxing chords, strings , flawless horns in the background , and Tyler’s amateur singing. It’s like a beautiful trippy journey. Again, this whole album is absolutely on ecstasy.

“BLOW MY LOAD.” Jesus freaking Christ, this song is quite a handful. Those lyrics are quite…well… sexual. But weirdly I’m feeling this song a lot more than all the others I’ve heard. The beats start off thunderous but they contribute to the disposition of the song. Tyler’s a flippin’ genius. The unmoderated and vulgar lyrics of this song actually appeal to me, I’m shocked at myself lol. This isn’t the kind of album you want to play with your parent’s in the car, you will lose that war.  However, it smoothly transitions to a smooth slow hook that sounds like 90’s r&b with a girl singing about “jeopardy”. Pure  bliss.

My other favorite is “KEEP DA O’S”. It features Pharrell and it’s the only noisy song on this album I actually jam to. Who knows what the hell Tyler is saying but the beats are otherworldly. It literally feels like you’re on Mars, then back on Earth then Mars again.TRIPPY AS FACK.Tyler just loves to disturb the peace but of course he had to include a soulful and relaxing shift. MADNESS.

As much as people might complain of how boisterous this album is and how obnoxious and foul-mouthed Tyler can be, we can’t deny that he’s really a creative mastermind. No one’s making music that matches his and that says a lot about how insanely valuable he is to hip hop. We need more people experimenting and putting their own touch to the genre and Tyler has contributed a whole lot. He definitely abused his creative freedom on this album, he pretty much made it for himself. Tyler only makes what he wants to hear and I guess that’s very plausible. His rebellious nature is what actually works for him, and it’s why he has a huge following. “FIND YOUR WINGS”, he preaches; which basically means that you should unapologetically be yourself always and do your own thing.

This album is extremely fearless and this is really why we love Tyler. He does these things most people wouldn’t do but this is really what is going on in his head. It’s so amazing.Cherry Bomb might be a mess, but it’s a beautiful mess.

TCW RATING: 6.8/10

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