Why 1D won’t survive without Zayn Malik

Okay I’m not really feeling okay about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction just like any other directioner on the planet right now. (Literally been watching their music videos , eating ice cream and crying my eyes out for the past eight hours).I have bittersweet feelings about it, I mean are my supposed to cut his face out of ALL the One Direction merchandise I own now?( Yeah I’m a hiphop head and fan girl at the same time. ) But really yesterday was like the worst day ever for anyone who listens to 1D. Without Zayn the band will never be the same, heck it might be on its way to a break up and here’s why:

1)Let’s face it,  we all know Zayn was the most vocally talented of the five. From the day I watched his X factor audition I knew this. He was the one who mesmerized us with his high notes and powerful vocals. He always had a verse in most songs because a song without Zayn’s voice just isn’t a 1D song. I always thought at the back of my head and I’ve actually told a lot of people that if Zayn wanted to go solo he could. I always felt like being in a boy band dumbed him down, when he could do a lot better.

2)One Direction just isn’t that much of a thirst trap anymore. Now we can all agree that the 1D boys have a huge following not just cause of their music but because teenage girls world wide are already mentally dating them, me included.  Every member has his own personal fan club of girls who are infatuated with him but every directioner would always agree that Zayn is hot. For example, Liam is my personal obsession in the band but I still acknowledge the fact that Zayn is a sex god. He was the hottest in the band. Now where are all the Zayn’s girls supposed to go after this?

3)The band needs him. They need his talents, his looks and definitely his personality. Every member of 1D brought their own energy to the band. I personally love Zayn so much because he reminds me of myself. He has a bad boy mentality, doesn’t care what others think, does exactly what he wants … he didn’t let joining 1D change him. He didn’t feel the need to pretend just because their fan base was mostly full of pre-teen and teen girls, he always was himself. Even when a video of him and Louis Tomlinson smoking weed leaked, he didn’t feel the need to apologize for shit. Zayn was the badass of the group, now without him I feel like I can’t relate to anyone else on it.

Who else thinks Naughty Boy influenced Zayn to leave the group? I mean the two have basically been bffs for a while now and maybe the London based producer could’ve noticed something special in Zayn. Enough to encourage him to leave the band maybe?

Zayn released a statement saying that he just wanted to be a “normal 22 year old” which I TOTALLY RESPECT. Being in 1D means no privacy, screaming fans everywhere , fans threatening your girlfriend, number 1 songs , different city every night… sometimes someone just needs a break. Zayn went from being that mixed race kid bullied in high school to one of the most famous people in the world in a very short amount of time. I don’t think anyone is ever fully prepared for fame and it’s effects.

To be honest, I always kind of could tell Zayn wasn’t fully engrossed in the band because he just always looked he had his own life. You wouldn’t always know what he was up to unlike the likes of Harry Styles who would constantly be pictured partying or hanging out with celebrities such as Kendall Jenner. Like Zayn doesn’t need all that. Plus Zayn’s voice is just too soulful for the kind of pop music 1D makes, I’d like to hear him do his own song and unleash his full potential.
Zayn just wanted to sing. He got to sing on a world stage and I think now he needs some time to focus on himself.He’s engaged to Perrie Edwards, he’s 22 , he needs a life.  Mad respect to him for making this huge life changing decision but I’m secretly hoping  that this is an early April fools joke.

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