The U.K house scene these days..

Hey guys!!! Damn it’s a while since I’ posted on here. Being a Computer Science student kinda doesn’t leave time for extra-curricular activities. But anyways, while I was away I was avidly listening to music as always,  thinking of what to review on  next. Lately all I’ve been listening to (well, most of the time) has been a lots of UK garage, electronic, deep house and blends of dubstep and pop and all that. I literally can’t get enough of that stuff, and I’ve realized that there’s loads of incredible talent breeding out of the U.K making all these hits .. so  I decided to do a review on my current faves.


Probably the newest in the scene compared to the other artists on this post, but they’ve already began making their mark in the dance scene. Signed to London’s multi-award winning independent dance label , Black Butler Records, which is the home of Rudimental, Clean Bandit, Jess Glynne, John Newman, Joel Compass, Sinead Harnett e.t.c which are all names you might’ve already heard and if you haven’t you should probably look them up.

The talented electronic production duo from North London consisting of Kye Gibbon and Matt Robson- Scott have taken their own take on deep house and garage music straight to the charts with their 2013 single “Real” and their most recent “Here for you” ft Laura Welsh. Their most successful single to date is probably “Ready for your love” featuring MNEK whose rich and distinctive voice rings with emotion making the song even more uplifting and pleasant to listen to. I just can’t wait for their album “Sirens” which is due to be released in October, bet they’ve been cookin’ up really good stuff for us to listen to. :)


Route 94 is that nigga from London that came out the blue with a number one hit single. Everyone knows him for his song “My Love” ft. Jess Glynne which has a pretty interesting music video which some people may describe as “thermal pornography”. Nevertheless, I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. I was just like “who the hell is Route 94?” With my eager love for UK deep house and electronic, I thought I knew about most people in the scene then comes up this guy, with this huge banger! I can listen to “My Love” on repeat for an entire day without getting bored.  It’s warm piano ruds and electro finger clicking beats complete with Jess Glynne’s radio friendly voice make it the perfect dance song.

At just the age of  20, he’s already had so much commercial success, even producing for Katy B’s new album.I checked out some of his remixes and he’s really reallllyyy good. He just takes deep house to new heights. I’m hoping his next big single will be just as groovy.



I don’t think I need to do much introduction for these two brothers right here. They are insanely good. Period. Like that’s it.

After “Latch” ft Sam Smith which came out in 2012, I didn’t really think anything could top that but they just went on proving me wrong. Their album “SETTLE” is a must have, I repeat MUST HAVE. Like whether or not you’re into deep house and garage, if you appreciate good music then you’ll love it. It include’s “Latch” of course which is an amazing blend of synthpop, future garage and deep house with Sam Smith’s uninhibited performance making it a hit song. The album also includes features with Jessie Ware, AlunaGeorge, Sinead Harnett, Eliza Doolittle, Edward Macfarlane, London Grammar amongst others, but the biggest collabo probably being in the “F for You” remix featuring Mary J Blidge  whose instrumentation and catchy hook produced yet another hit song.

They just have it going on this year, even being nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Album. These two brothers born in 1994(Howard) and 1991(Guy) have taken the dance scene to a whole new different level and I can’t wait for their second album!!!

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