So lately I’ve been listening to A LOT of amazing music and then I realized most of it was from E.P’s. For those who might not know and E.P(short for Extended Play) is a musical recording that contains for than one single but it’s too short to qualify as a full studio album.

I’m going to review some of the best E.Ps I’ve listened to recently because I think you should all listen to this music which I think is exceptionally good.

Majid Jordan – After Hours

Jordan & Majid.

Everyone knows Majid Jordan because of their feature on Drake’s “Hold on we’re going home” and in fact they are signed to Drake’s label OVO. They.. yes.. they… I emphasize because I keep on seeing these ignorant posts on twitter and facebook like “Oh my God Majid Jordan is so awesome, she can sing so well!”

“I love Majid Jordan’s voice, it’s so goood”

and I’m just like WTF do you guys even fact check? LOL Majid Jordan is a duo made up of Toronto bred friends, Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman., who both attended the University of Toronto. Drake discovered them and decided to put him on his record and it turned out to be a hit song but that’s just a little taste of their work.

Their E.P “Afterhours” is exceptional. I learnt about it from my friend and once I got it , I couldn’t stop listening to it for like a whole week, it’s damn good. I bet I put like 5 status updates on facebook about them.Their sound is sooo different, I’ve not heard anything like it before, and Majid’s vocals are just so soulful it’s insane. The E.P is a fusion of genres, although classified generally as R&B. From the Clubby R & B sound of Give Me A Reason(my fave) to Take Control which has a whole reggae soulful sound. I loved it.

I’m honestly so obsessed with these dudes, can’t wait to hear more from them. Such talented kids. Go check them out guys. There’s nothing I love more than new music from hungry talented kids such as Majid and Jordan. :)


Jhené Aiko – Sail Out.

This one really kinda caught me by surprise when it came out. Jhené Aiko, to me, was just one of those upcoming artists who are creating a lot of buzz really quickly because they seem really promising but to be honest I thought she was really over rated. I loved her on the features she did but I wasn’t a fan of her individual records until I heard “Sail Out”.

She’s been around for a while,.. writing and featuring on people’s tracks like J,Cole and Big Sean. I know Jhene especially because of her life story, she’s been through so much it’s crazy. Wikipedia her when you got time. That.. I guess, is what makes her music so good. 

Damn…. this R&B/Soul E.P is just.. I can’t even describe it.. it’s just really distinctive of Jhene.. It’s like you go to another planet for while as you listen to it. I guess that’s why it’s called “Sail out”.I love her blatant lyrics though out the album, about love and stuff.This is the real sh*t, and it’s much better if you relate to it. She’s so real about everything, giving it a lot of edge although it’s R&B. Yeah it’s pretty mature so if you ain’t into that  kind of music, then it ain’t for you. But it’s definitely a great listen especially because it has features from *ehem* one of my fave rappers KENDRICK LAMAR, his TDE label-mate Ab-Soul as well as the boy, Childish Gambino. And her voice… well, I can’t stop listening to it.

Check it out. She’s definitely one to watch. Can’t wait for to hear a full studio album from her.

Another E.P that you should listen to are Vali’s “Paper Charade” (which I’ve been talking about for months now) and also check out Chance the Rapper’s mixtapes “Acid Rap”and “Good Enough”

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