Artist Spotlight: The Weeknd

Heeeeey guys,

Okay… So I’m back with the artist review that I promised.

I’m really pumped about this one because I am totally obsessed with his music, his voice, his swag. The Weeknd is just one of a kind.

He was born Abel Tesfaye on Feb 16th 1990, and he is of Ethiopian descent although he was born in Canada. Apart from being an amazing singer and songwriter, Abel is also a record producer with his own record label XO Records.

I love his music especially because its so abstract yet so clear, his lyrics are so blunt, he doesn’t hide any of his feelings or emotions. The Weeknd’s songs are built around a fogged, crepuscular production, and feature slow tempos,rumbling bass, and forlorn echoes. It just gets me in the zone, like do you feel me? He sings in a falsetto register and his genre can be described in various ways. I’d say its mainly R&B ,with  a blend of alternative rock, punk and hip hop collectively called PBR&B.

His lyrics describe everything, from his feelings of hurt and dealing with subject matters like partying, sex and drugs. He’s only 23 so his songs are very relate-able to young people.When I first heard him, I thought he was a bit vulgar because of how he says everything in an uncensored manner, but then I realized that he was just saying it like it is. He said that singing vulgar,ignorant lyrics in an elegant, sexy way is his way of paying homage to R.Kelly and Prince.

His voice is better than sex I promise:) Lol its like so perfect, I just put on my headphones at night and listen to him till I fall asleep.

Nobody said you have to necessarily be emo to listen to his music, not all his music is emo and deep, but most is.

He is one of the reasons why I love Canadian music so much, other reasons being  Drake and Justin Bieber hahaha. He’s released 3 mixtapes namely House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence collectively combined into an album called Trilogy from which his critically acclaimed single “Wicked Games” came from.

His new album is called “Kiss Land” set to be released on September 10th 2013 and I honestly am on my hands and knees waiting for this album. The title sounds corny as hell, and he put it out on purpose haha Two tracks have already been released, “Belong to the World” and “Love in the Sky” which is my personal fave.

Kiss Land symbolizes the tour life, but it’s a world that I created in my head. Just like House of Balloons symbolizes Toronto and my experiences there, but it’s a world that I created. When I think about Kiss Land, I think about a terrifying place. It’s a place I’ve never been to before that I’m very unfamiliar with. A lot of it is inspired by filmmakers like John Carpenter, David Cronenberg, and Ridley Scott, because they know how to capture fear. That’s what Kiss Land is to me, an environment that’s just honest fear. I don’t know who I am right now and I’m doing all these outlandish things in these settings that I’m not familiar with. To me, it’s the most terrifying thing ever. So when you hear the screams in the record and you hear all these horror references and you feel scared, listen to the music because I want you to feel what I’m feeling. Kiss Land is like a horror movie.”

-The Weeknd

He explained that the song “Belong to The World” is about falling in love with the wrong person. I watched the video a few days ago and the whole time I was just thinking “Abel you’re fucked up but I love you”

He’s so emo, but in a cool way. He always looks drunk or hangovered. lol.He doesn’t really care about anything, like he would be my bestfriend or something.(friend with benefits *cough*) He works closely with Drake and they released a song called “The Zone” in 2011, and also “Trust Issues”  and “Crew Love” I just love it when they work together, can’t wait for the next track they’re on. #OVOXO

Got that OVO and that XO

Anyways, to finish off all I can say is he’s amazing, get his album when it drops SEP 1OTH and you can listen to his latest single below. I am obsessed with it. Thank me later :)

Later losers :)


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