Album Review: Rudimental – HOME

Hey guys

Sorry I took so long to post anything. I’ve been a bit busy but anyways, I just wanted to do a lil review on these guys. I have loved them from the first time I heard them. This review comes a bit late I know but I don’t think it matters because there are still some people out there who don’t know who Rudimental are. If you haven’t heard their music, I swear you’re missing out especially if you are a fan of Dance music. These guys are as good as it gets belee dat!

Rudimental are an English electronic music quartet who produce mainly drum and bass. They are signed to Asylum Records and independent label Black Butter. The quartet consists of songwriters and producers Piers Agget, Kesi Dryden, Amir Amor (Amir Izadkhah) and DJ Locksmith (Leon Rolle).

They are called the Drum n Bass quartet but their music is far too positive, too exhilarating, and too infectious to be classified into only that category. They released their first single “Spoons” ft MNEK & Syron from their debut album “Home” in 2012 and although it failed to chart it got a lot of airplay from European radio stations. Personally that’s one of my fave songs from their album, and I wish more people in the UK appreciated it, although it didn’t have that mainstream EDM sound most people like.

Their big break came late 2012 when they released “Feel the Love” ft John Newman, this is a song that maybe some of you might’ve heard bc it became an instant hit. The single was a better representation of what Rudimental was about. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to combine drum and bass loops with bland vocals and make it work as well as they do. And the fact that they’ve brought out this other new fresh talent from London like MNEK, the 19 year old Grammy nominated artist with his rich nuanced voice, as well as  other upcoming and sought after singers like Syron, Sinead  Harnett and Ella Eyre.

In addition to that, well established artists like Emeli Sande, Alex Clare and John Newman as well the quickly emerging, Foxes are featured on the album, making it not just a couple of amazing tracks but a fuse of genres as well.

When I was in England I missed a concert they were having nearby, I still regret that decision. My friend and I say that Rudimental made dub step classy, the way they incorporate it in some of their songs, like you don’t even see it coming, and boom, it’s there, and it sounds amazing.I love how they blend these fabulous looping beats with sultry powerful vocals. It’s just… I don’t’ know why these guys haven’t won  a Grammy. Instead the Academy would rather hand out Grammys to Lorde lol. OKAY THEN.

Rudimental are just the epitome of club music, and they do justice to all kinds of dance-pop related genres out there. So basically I’m just obsessed with this album.I just loved it; the beats, the breaks, the dirty bass, the vocals, the production and arrangement – the whole thing. It’s just so uplifting ,it’s like that shot of adrenaline you sometimes need to get through the day,  and the best part is that you don’t need to go a night club in London to get some of it, you can carry it around in your iPod/phone and listen to it as much as you want.

So go and get the album, I promise you’ll like it.

TCW RATING: 8.7/10


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