Yes people, the wait is finally over, Logic’s album is finally out! It’s been a long and painful wait for avid listeners like me, who have watched his career flourish from the beginning. I’m all about that breath of fresh air and from the day I listened to his first mixtape “Young, Broke and Infamous” I knew that he was going to take over the world of rap by storm one day. Ultimately I fell in love with his incredible lyrical ability and non-stop flow.

 His other  mixtapes , “Young Sinatra” ,”Young Sinatra: Undeniable” and “Young Sinatra:Welcome to Forever” only but strengthened this affinity that I had for his rapper. I hadn’t felt so inspired and touched by music in a while, not since Lupe Fiasco (who is my favourite rapper, as y’all know lol). And while I’d been yearning for this album , Logic himself had been waiting for over 10 years. With the struggles he encountered at home, rapping was his escape and his voice was all he had. The album is and I quote from Logic himself “an introspective of my coming of age story.” It’s an introduction to Logic, in another words.

Under Pressure is a product of 10 years of hard work, and mastery at his craft. To me, it’s a masterpiece. I’ve immersed myself in it ever since I got it and I probably won’t listen to anything else for a while haha.

It begins with “Intro” where he let’s us into his thoughts about how it would be if he finally made it, and how his first week’s sales wouldn’t define him as the only failure for him would be a “weak verse”. It’s a smooth interlude that sets a nice tone for the rest of the album. It ends with Thalia’s voice, the narrator that gives us facts and extra information about the album and it’s production in the “Under Pressure Program”.

“Soul Foo D” is a deeper detailed account of his troubled childhood as he rhymes about the struggles of not having his father around, the circumstances of his sister being in an abusive relationship, and his mother’s drug abuse.  In the second half of the song he makes it clear that all his past troubles only made him stronger and more passionate about his music as he spits ” I swear this music in my veins like Denim, lyricism sleeping, I’m like venom.” But what stuns me the most about this song is how Lupe- like it is, you can definitely hear the influence in it and I love it even more because of that. Lupe would be proud, seeing as he already thinks Logic is currently one of the most lyrically gifted emcees in the game.

“I’m gone” is a really catchy tune with it’s ad-libs, sound effects and with “you” being repeated soulfully in the background gives it a mellow feel. It really continues to show how Logic is an old soul, alluding to why he calls himself the “Young Sinatra”.

Logic continues with “Gang Related” which paints a picture of his life in the hood, trying to stay on the right path in a not so encouraging environment. It also shows his more hardcore side, as he spits powerful and blunt lyrics regarding his childhood in Maryland. And what intrigues me the most about this song is his ability to rap in different perspectives like the first verse is from Little Bobby, and the second is in the view of his older brother.

“Buried Alive” is probably one of the more radio-friendly songs even though it still has deep meaningful lyrics about his internal struggles of whether he should chase his bigger aspirations as well as his thoughts and fears.The production work on this song is class. It was the second single released from the album and I just love how he made it such a relatable song. It kinda makes you think about your own life as well, and I guess that’s another perk of his music, he’s honest, and he keeps a really authentic front that makes you wanna listen to him because he wants to viewed as a human just like the rest of us.

I f*cks with “Bounce” really hard. That’s my jam. It’s one of the lighter songs on the album, it has a feel of celebration, perhaps for the success that Logic has received in the past year. It’s the kind of song that makes you nod your head as you listen to it. It’s full of energy and also shows how versatile Logic can be. And as seeing as it was produced by S1, a producer that has worked with the likes of Beyonce, and Kanye West, it just shows that Logic is gonna go a long way. So far, the album is blowing my mind , and I’m crying tears of joy lol

I love “Growing  Pains III” especially because of the instrumentation , much like the rest of the album it has a raw organic feel to it. Logic said himself that “it’s an musical album and it’s also extremely hiphop” and that’s the best description yet. In this song, he continues to narrate the story of his shaky upbringing . He really knows how to tell a story into depth.

Oh my “Never Enough” *sighs*.This is definitely one of the songs on the album that I’ve put on replay a lot. Logic’s control in the production of the album is still evident and especially in this song. Best part is live horns though, this is music at it’s finest. It’s a smooth tune, and he talks about how he can’t stop grinding because whatever he has achieved now isn’t enough.

I don’t really wanna say I have a fave in this album because I’m in love with each and every song but “Metropolis” is really amazing and it touches me in a special way.  It has a jazzy beat and Logic rhymes with continuous flow about his experiences as a rapper and his travels abroad. At the very end there is also a skit where he discusses with a woman on a train about his favourite films. I’ve had multiple eargasms already by now and I still have six songs on the album to listen to. Lol.

I already said that “Never Enough” was music at it’s finest, but “Nikki” is music at it’s new finest. lol. The production is really simple, however, the words are gripping. No she’s not his girlfriend, or ex girlfriend, or his friend or family but she’s really significant in his life. It’s a tale of his past addiction to  nicotine. He uses it metaphorically,  and talks about cigarettes like they were his lover. It just left me speechless, and it can definitely relate to anyone who has an affinity for cigarettes.Since early this year everyone was convinced that it was about his ex girlfriend, he always left hints but didn’t give anything away really, so let’s just say if people start calling Nicotine “Nikki” we all know Logic said it first. And props to 6ix, his in house producer who really worked magic on this album, and in his previous mixtapes.

 I know I said I don’t have a fave but “Under Pressure” is  probably one of my favourite songs EVER. The title song is produced by Logic himself, and was the first song to be released from the album. The beat goes hard, and he goes hard on it as well. Ok f*ck that, this is my fave song on the album! Too too sick and it’s 9 minutes long too lol It’s the story of his fame , and recent experiences as well as he telling everyone not to fvck with him lol. His word play in this song is just incredible, it’s powerful but he still manages to make it look so easy and casual.

“Now they know my name through the nation, cause my single like that good sh*t man, always in rotation.” *bows down* He officially slayed, murdered and massacred this track.

On the second half of the song he further states “I’ve been working hard, I’ve been searching for God” and  proceeds to rap in the perspectives of his sister and father.

“Till the end” is one uplifting song. Sounds like victory. I’m happy for him. I can’t imagine anyone hating on Logic’s music, he’s come from so far, and he makes real music. I mean by now, if you’ve heard his album already, does it have good beats? yes. Can he spit bars like crazy? Hell yes. Is his story authentic? Yep. That’s all you need.

By now you  notice that the album has no features, and definitely didn’t need any. It’s the story of Logic, he didn’t need anyone else on it. This album makes a real hip hop fan wanna cry. lol well I know I did!!And the fact that he didn’t tie himself up, but experimented with all the sounds of all his influences .. that’s epic.

As one of Logic’s biggest fans, I can safely say, this is everything I ever wanted from him, and it’s just fulfilling, He delivered beyond my expectations. It may seem like too much to say that this is the album of the year, but damn to me it really is, it’s just a breath of fresh of air in the midst of all the trappy stuff that’s been put out this year. It’s musical, it’s inspirational and it’s extremely hip hop. It’s the kinda album that should make people stop and think like “Hold up, this is what music should sound like”. It’s rare that I listen to every song on an album over and over again. This album is impressive for a debut and I can’t wait to see him grow  from this and hopefully become one of the greatest.

Other songs on the deluxe version include “Now” which has a really different sound but well executed on his part, “Driving Ms, Daisy” ft Childish Gambino, which Logic also produced and “Alright” ft Big Sean which has been out for a while, but its still a tune.

To finish off I’ll just say.. YOU GOTTA COP THIS!!!


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