Album Review: Tyler The Creator -CHERRY BOMB

Holy Moses! I have immersed myself in this album for a while now(hence the late review) and I’ve been doing my best to wrap my head around it’s dynamic, noisy, but incredibly groovy sound. This album is madness, and I mean that literally. Cherry Bomb is the perfect title for it since it could bless your ears but it might as well damage them . I love Tyler,  I really wanna be his friend lol .He’s proven once again  that he doesn’t want to be a part of the crowd. Cherry Bomb, is creatively and musically in its own lane. You can hear influences here and there but as a whole it sounds pretty different from anything else out this year.



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The New Site

Guys, I’m so emosh right now because even though I love having an actual site, I miss my blogger so much. ( I’ve been on blogger since like 2007 lol Like I feel so weird blogging here but oh well, we have to upgrade. I’m so glad that I have my own domain now. You may notice that many of the posts that were in my blogger are gone. I kinda cleaned out most of them remained with my favourite ones. This is like a rebirth of the blog. New beginnings. Very excited for what lies ahead. Thanks guys x


Why 1D won’t survive without Zayn Malik

Okay I’m not really feeling okay about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction just like any other directioner on the planet right now. (Literally been watching their music videos , eating ice cream and crying my eyes out for the past eight hours).I have bittersweet feelings about it, I mean are my supposed to cut his face out of ALL the One Direction merchandise I own now?( Yeah I’m a hiphop head and fan girl at the same time. ) But really yesterday was like the worst day ever for anyone who listens to 1D. Without Zayn the band will never be the same, heck it might be on its way to a break up and here’s why:

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Album Review: Kendrick Lamar- TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY

I’m telling y’all , being black has never felt so good. Being authentically African feels even better. Kendrick Lamar has rekindled my love for my own identity and culture with his latest masterwork, To Pimp A Butterfly. This album is fire, like I don’t know how many fire emojis I’m gonna have to use to describe it. It might just be one of the most difficult albums that I’ve had to review simply because this isn’t just another album, it’s an experience. I honestly believe that there is no adjective that can be used to describe the artistic and contextual excellence of this album. I won’t even stress myself using words like “amazing”  ,” mind-blowing”, “epic” , To Pimp A Butterfly is above and beyond that. It’s perfection.

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