Centerfold album cover (via MOTHXR Facebook)
I don’t know why I’ve taken so long to review this album yet it’s one I’ve been bumping on repeat for months now! Perhaps I thought this band is a little too indie for my blog , but it’s good music so why not! Mothxr (pronounced as Mother) is an indie rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve posted about them before but they released their debut album , Centerfold, in February.

The quartet have a downbeat alternative style with electronic and futuristic elements accompanied by smooth vocals by the  lead singer , Penn Badgely ,who many may recognize from the popular show “Gossip Girl”. I’ll admit I definitely had a crush on his character Dan Humphries, and I only watched the show because of him actually. I’m still shocked that he turned out to be GG , but anywaayyyy lIt seems that Penn decided to focus on his first love of  music  and escape the cloud of fame he gained from being known on the show.

Penn Badgely, well known actor who starred in “Gossip Girl” and “Easy A”
The vibe of their music is somewhat abstract when you first listen to it but slowly the words begin to sink in and make more sense and perhaps even resonate with experiences in your own life if you listen deep enough. For me that’s a perk since I’ve never been interested in things that are easy to figure out ,I’m obsessed with the process of uncovering hidden meanings behind metaphors and creative song writing.

Also it gives the band something a little different , so that the people who f*** with them really do, you know? Like this band isn’t for everyone so I bet their fans are true fans. I mean I’m sure there’s people who would love their stuff because of the production  which is quite mind blowing by the way.The synths, guitars and drums just mix together so seamlessly creating  a really distinct electronic-based groovy style of music, it’s mellow and hard hitting at the same time.
From the lyrics to the production to the visuals this band is just RARE. They carry their own vibe and once you get a whiff of them it might be hard to let go .Centerfold is pushing the boundaries! Picking a favorite song was difficult but I had to settle for “Stranger” . It’s tuneful and probably the catchiest song on the album. I found myself replaying it quite a number of times. . ” Touch “ and “Victim” are also gems.
I only listen to a handful of bands and I love them to the point of obsession, Mothxr is one of them. Check them out if you’re willing to listen to something new!

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