You all know how much I love Logic. He’s probably one of my favorite new school rappers and I couldn’t more eager to finally listen to his sophomore album “The Incredible True Story”. When he released the first single “Young Jesus” I was a bit skeptical about how the whole project would sound and specifically how it would sound in comparison to his debut “Under Pressure”. Would he change it up and explore a new style ? Or will he maintain his usual dramatic, highly instrumented sound which his die-hard fans know and love?

The atmosphere of the album is injected with “Contact” a, drum filled,rhythmic intro which sounds like an intense scene from an action movie. “Fade Away” sounds a lot like “I’m Gone” which was the third track in his first album, but perhaps in with a faster tempo. The background “you”s are the same ones he used in “I’m Gone” and the unison melodies give it that classic Logic sound. (he produced it himself) .I feel like his rapping is fresh and his flow is unstoppable as usual. Nice work.
He keeps up the momentum on “Upgrade” where the bass just kills me. So far his rapping is great, not amazing but it’s great. This song also produced by Logic and 6ix and I’m enjoying the production more than even the rapping. “Like Woah” was the second single from the album and it’s a really really really impressive song. The instrumentation on this song is stellar; him and 6ix really outdid their production skills on this album. The beats are very atmospheric and I think this is what is gonna set this LP apart from a lot of the others are released this year. It has a very raw and thematic appeal. I’m obsessed.
“Young Jesus” has a whole old school vibe and as the first single I had huge expectations for it. I think this is the first time while listening to this album that I’ve felt him go in with the lyrics. It of course features his best friend and label mate Big Lenbo. I love how he’s mostly only involved his closest associates on this project, that’s why it feels so hassle-free and real and organic.  He just sounds like he was having mad fun making this music and I’m into it. Again 6ix, you are a SICK PRODUCER DUDE.
So far Logic’s ideas and lyrics have been slightly abstract and he isn’t really talking about a lot of the things he talked about on his first album. There was a bit of worry that he would dwell on his tough upbringing on his album again but I’m proud that he was able to diversify his message.
The beats are a lot softer on “Intermission” ft Lucy Rose. It’s a subtle transition from the previous hard-hitting song. “I am the Greatest” is the song I love for its honesty. He really goes in with his lyrics here, almost angrily spitting about haters amongst other topics. Nice…
“Lord Willin” is one of my faves. It has that inspirational vibe I love from Logic, he kills all his haters with kindness when most rappers would cuss them out. Logic is just a nice guy. He grew up around so much negativity that he can’t say a single negative thing. He encourages young people to get out there and work hard and make a living (this is why I love this guy). First track on here which has captured me completely with just its lyrics and message.
Another airy beat on “City of Stars” that I’m enjoying. He’s singing on auto tune and it’s interesting. Didn’t expect that at all, guess I’m liking though. Oh Lord, he spits some really really hard lines on this one. Think he low-key dissed Def Jam there or are my wrong? I’m really into this one.
“STAINLESS” has the sickest beat and I ain’t surprised I mean DJ DAHI hopped on that. His flow is ruthless here. Slay me Bobby. SLAY. This definitely is one of those tunes you can repeat a couple of times. It also is a nice song to listen to while you’re driving, the whole album is actually. This album is feeling a bit long now I don’t know if that’s really a good thing.  “Paradise” has sick sick bass… and there’s a beat switch up at some point. The second half of the song sounds a lot like a Nas album, even his flow is very Nas-ish, and I ain’t complaining. Seems like the album began with amazing beats but is ending with some really heart stopping lyrics. But the production has been extraordinary throughout the album.
I haven’t mentioned it but he also has included scenes after every few songs which contribute to the whole theme of the LP.  The album closes with the title song whose instrumentation is so lively and he raps very energetically here. I love it when he says “Make music like there’s no Grammy, for that last line they might ban me”. Shows how he’s driven by his pure love for music and not for money, fame or recognition like a lot of the artists of this generation(another reason why I love this guy). Ultimately I think this is a solid follow up to “Under Pressure”, and even if you aren’t a really lyrics-oriented person you would looove this LP for the production, it is honestly out of this world. This album is a must listen for hip hop fans !!
TCW RATING: 7.5/10


  1. Went to listen to this album after reading to your blog post…
    And I can admit I am his new biggest fan….
    He’s like J Cole and Kendrick combined…
    The production and lyricism is sick…
    Thanks for opening my eyes..
    P.S. My fave is also Stainless…

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