I’m gonna speak for myself and say that I didn’t know about Anderson .Paak till about last year after he featured on Dr. Dre’s album “Compton”. I only paid more attention to him after I found out that one of my favorite artists right now , Pomo, had produced a song on Paak’s latest album “Malibu”. That caught my attention, because well, IT’S POMO, but when I listened to the song , I  was obviously blown away by the talents that this West- Coast based rapper, singer and producer boasts.

This is quite the late review, but I promised myself I’d get it done for the sake of my curious readers always looking for something refreshing and new to listen to.  “Malibu” is Paak’s second studio album, and it’s got me wondering why I didn’t know about this dude before. He’s definitely more prominent in the scene after the release of this album though, so don’t feel like you missed out on too much lol.

This album is categorized as an R&B, Hiphop and Soul album , I’d love to say it’s a blend of the three, but I’m really getting more soul vibes from this LP.  He has an almost gospel-like approach in his music  with the lively instrumentation and soulful vocals. I love it because I feel like these days many artists are rushing for the electronic, trappy or robotic type beats. I really appreciate that raw sound of guitars, drums, pianos and other instruments fusing together and creating wonderful harmonies.
Paak has been through a lot, and I love how he addresses that in his music in a very uplifting way. This album is a really personal project, he sings and raps passionately about his life experiences in songs like “Without You”  and “Put Me Thru”. It’s all quite inspiring.
Pomo produced the song “Am I Wrong” ( ft. Schoolboy Q) and if you listen to it , you can tell why it’s favorite lol , it has major club music vibes. Actually this album has so many eras of music within it, from 60’s soul and funk to 90’s hip hop. He really was willing to take risks, and that’s commendable.   Ultimately I found this album quite soulful and uplifting,  I loved the execution of it all and how versatile Paak proved to be. It’s the kind of album you should to listen to whenever you need to get your hopes up, or your spirit revived.


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